Friday, October 4, 2013

Dallas web design offers essential internet services at affordable prices.

Dallas web design offers essential internet services at affordable prices. From domain name registration ($19.95/year and up) to affordable web site hosting ($12-$50 per month depending on the type of site), we offer our clients a full range of services that includes building and marketing their new or remodeled web site.
  We do not offer pre-packaged web sites where you pay a lot of money for features you may never need. Instead, we offer a simple pricing plan of $45 per hour for all professional web site design, redesign and marketing services. This is well below the average of $65 per hour for web site design, and less than the $80-$120 dollars per hour normally charged for graphic design and scripting. All web sites are designed with site functionality as a primary consideration. 

If a web site is not functional, it doesn't matter what features it has or how good it looks, few people will stick around to see what you have to offer. All of the HTML that we write is hand-coded. There are three major advantages of a hand-coded web site.
          First, a hand-coded web site is customizable to the most minute detail.
          Second, a hand-coded page has a file size up to 5 times less than a generated page. This means quicker load times and easier source navigation for people who work on your site in the future.
          Third, a hand-coded web site is much more compatible among different internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari...) than a generated web site.

All images are optimized for the web to be high quality and low file size.

We understand that many internet surfers are still using slow dial-up internet connections and statistics show that these users will not wait for bulky, slow to load web sites with lots of big images or flashy introduction. We design sites with fast loading images so that our web sites are accessible to the maximum number of internet users. This in turn means that your site will be more effective, profitable and well received. All web sites are tested for functionality/compatibility before publication.

There is nothing that turns away a potential customer faster than a poorly functioning web site. At Houston Web Design, the functionality of your web site is our top priority. Your web site is not just a place to have an online presence; it is also a representation of you or your company. We take every effort to design you a seamless web site that your customers will enjoy visiting.

Your success is our success.

Our number one priority when building or remodeling your web site is that it becomes a valuable asset to you and your business. We will do everything to see that this happens, and ask that you help keep us informed of customer feedback, praise and suggestions.

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