Sunday, October 6, 2013

Content Plays a Vital Role in SEO

Search engine optimization content writing (SEO content writing) is skilful writing for Ecommerce web design that stresses on skilful use of the page’s content so that to place the website among the first results in the user’s search list, at the same time still producing clear and concise content. SEO copywriting is all about optimizing web page by targeting keywords in certain densities and frequencies.

SEO Content is very important in the world of online marketing and sales. To have a productive website, you need to direct traffic to the site; to get traffic you need optimized content. There are a couple of fundamental strategies to utilize and things to be wary of in the world of web content writing services.

Content plays a crucial role in the ranking of a site. High quality website content will bring the website in higher rankings, thus getting more traffic and more popularity. Major search engines, in reality, prefer those sites that have quality content. A good and optimized content has the following qualities; more weightage is given on content quality instead on content volume. It adheres to search engine guidelines  concerning keyword density. The content should be original and focused on the topic suiting site’s unique needs. The titles should be attractive and attention-grabbing titles so that the visitors are compelled to read about what the website offers. The content should be directed at the target audience.

The content or text appearing at particular positions, such as in the title tag and the Meta Tag gets particular attention during search engine optimization, as search engines compare data found there with other pages to ascertain relevancy. Some other key factors that decide relevance during a search are the Keyword Density, the locating of the keywords on the page, and also the number of links to other pages and from other pages.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Dallas web design offers essential internet services at affordable prices.

Dallas web design offers essential internet services at affordable prices. From domain name registration ($19.95/year and up) to affordable web site hosting ($12-$50 per month depending on the type of site), we offer our clients a full range of services that includes building and marketing their new or remodeled web site.
  We do not offer pre-packaged web sites where you pay a lot of money for features you may never need. Instead, we offer a simple pricing plan of $45 per hour for all professional web site design, redesign and marketing services. This is well below the average of $65 per hour for web site design, and less than the $80-$120 dollars per hour normally charged for graphic design and scripting. All web sites are designed with site functionality as a primary consideration. 

If a web site is not functional, it doesn't matter what features it has or how good it looks, few people will stick around to see what you have to offer. All of the HTML that we write is hand-coded. There are three major advantages of a hand-coded web site.
          First, a hand-coded web site is customizable to the most minute detail.
          Second, a hand-coded page has a file size up to 5 times less than a generated page. This means quicker load times and easier source navigation for people who work on your site in the future.
          Third, a hand-coded web site is much more compatible among different internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari...) than a generated web site.

All images are optimized for the web to be high quality and low file size.

We understand that many internet surfers are still using slow dial-up internet connections and statistics show that these users will not wait for bulky, slow to load web sites with lots of big images or flashy introduction. We design sites with fast loading images so that our web sites are accessible to the maximum number of internet users. This in turn means that your site will be more effective, profitable and well received. All web sites are tested for functionality/compatibility before publication.

There is nothing that turns away a potential customer faster than a poorly functioning web site. At Houston Web Design, the functionality of your web site is our top priority. Your web site is not just a place to have an online presence; it is also a representation of you or your company. We take every effort to design you a seamless web site that your customers will enjoy visiting.

Your success is our success.

Our number one priority when building or remodeling your web site is that it becomes a valuable asset to you and your business. We will do everything to see that this happens, and ask that you help keep us informed of customer feedback, praise and suggestions.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Web design Solutions from Dallas web design

Web design Solutions from Dallas web design . We are offering a wide range of web designs within your budget. Opening a new business or start up a new venture is very important.

Your company needs to be visible by everyone. It starts from your company name + Domain name and goes to your website design and printed stationery. Everything has to be customised and cooperate .

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How much it affects the font to our website

Every time we face designing a web project we unleash our creativity and ambition that our product stands out from the others, if this is the most logical and is what gives more value added to our work, but it splurged imagination that is anchored to a dwindling number of rules and   reductionist   our abstraction.

For a proper understanding and reading by the user is recommended to use a power stick either Arial, Verdana, Comic Sans or Trebuchet,   are clear and do not use serifs - avoid these past-the Times New Roman is an example of ornamental safari widely used as a result alters the writing on computer, because this is based on square pixels deforming the visibility of this and bothering the already sacrificed Reader stance and vision at the computer.

Ash!, Say an experienced when reading The New York Times Web version, which uses in its logo safari source, which would be a counter-argument for me writing, but where lies the usability and power which gives this award; in the size of the source, being a big title can comfortably visible, but if you pursue the reading of the articles you may notice that the letter changes to a stick, which uses a smaller and our inclement standard is ratified.

Then? One would wonder ... is not all that hard if your design is personal, to let you know, show your portfolio and your skills, this rule is flexible, allowing you to be free to use your favorite fonts.
Returning again, this rule applies to pages web news, business, e-commerce and services. For better implementation of the standard where I recommend visiting help us visualize our writing structure by applying different   fonts and sizes.

Finally the pixel 20-30 degrees, the body of written pixel 11-12, 8-9 footers pixel and for  use Paragraphs maximum of 7 lines apply as avoiding newspapers less parsimonious and exhausting read, remember not all have the same visual ability and dedication reading, which would result in more time from the user on our site.

Monday, September 30, 2013

My resource – design resources

“My resource” is very strange title to everyone. However, it would be essential for you if you want to become a web designer and coder. In web-designing process, you will find it difficult to looking for resources of vector, icon, brush, image of model and nature image, or even lectures, experience-sharing from the predecessors. In this writing, I will introduce several resources that I have been using in design and programming for Houston Web design firm and Austin Web Design Firm

Free font library – Dafont

Dafont currently has 12,486 fonts with various types such as hand-writing (Graffiti), common shape of letter, holiday font (Halloween, valentine) and numerous other types. Most fonts on dafont are free for downloading. You can donate fonts but you have to see the sharing regulations in the included Readme.txt file in zipped file for more details.
Free Icon – Iconfinder

With 155,756 uploaded icons and 810 created icons, this font is completely free. How great it is! I usually search and download free icons for my designs. Just simply type any keyword you want, for example, like heart, arrow, icon or Facebook, they are all available for free.

Free Vectors – Vecteezy

Founded in 2007 by Shawn, it quickly became a big website of sharing free vectors. With the slogan “Stupid Name. Cool Vector Art” Vecteezy collects various vector samples of designers from all over the world to form a huge resource for your needs. All vectors are free for downloading and used in your graphic design projects. However, you have to agree with the proposed regulations after downloading.

Free PSD Brushes – Brusheezy

This is another product of Shawn. Recently, there are 2 more people in charge of developing, Jonathan and Erin. With more than 1.2 million download each month, over one thousand members are working together in brusheezy. In addition to brush sample, this website provides all the patterns, actions, psd file, etc. Make sure that you will not ignore this resource in your designing process.

Free Image SXC

SXC was launched in February, 2012 as an alternative for those designers who cannot buy high-quality and expensive image from other websites.  The idea is to create a site where creative people could exchange their image to each other to looking for work inspiration. The website has a large community of over 2.5 million members; approximately 400,000 online images of 30,000 worldwide photographers were posted with different types (such as nature, material, architecture, etc.). Just simply search your keyword in English and use it for low web design cost.

Kuler Color

Covering the theme “Explore, create and share color themes” Kuler is a product of Adobe. It aims to create colorful collections and allow you to quickly choose favorite colors for your designs. With thousands of collections, Kuler is amazing website that you cannot ignore. This toolkit will be introduced clearly in the third lesson of series of colors in web design.

PSD Tutorials Plus

PSD belongs to the Envato system that possesses an active, creative and imaginative team from all over the world. They provide experience-sharing writing, video tutorials on Photoshop from basic to advanced level.

Web design Tutorials Plus

Webdesign+ belongs to Envato system but it is different from PSD+. With a creative and experienced team on WordPress, web design, html/css, they provide web design materials. Covering modern technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 and knowledge from basic to modern level and many other good tips, this website is waiting for you to discover.

This “design resource” is very abundant and in the next section, I will introduce “ideas source” – some places that you can learn about their experience and web designer’s creativeness.